A Savvy Gym head’s Fabletics Review

If anyone’s been meaning to try Fabletics, you’ve come to the right place.


Kate Hudson’s online subscription athleisure brand “Fabletics” was founded 2013, with the objective to offer high-quality activewear for women at an accessible price. You get started by taking a style quiz to personalize outfits based on your lifestyle, then a profile is created for you. You can choose from over thousands of styles already but to get exclusive promotions and savings, you can agree to be a VIP member. The cost of membership is $49.95 a month. The perks of being enrolled in the Fabletics VIP membership is 50% off on all of your purchases and a whole outfit every month. Should you decide that you want to opt out one month on an outfit, you can always “skip” a month by logging in and choosing to skip an outfit for that month.


One of my biggest praises to Fabletics is that it offers a multi-functional wardrobe solution for active women. Their capris styles have to be my absolute favorite. I’ve exercised and ran errands all day with them on, and I didn’t have to stop and adjust for them not to sag or felt really suffocated. A lot of the Fabletics pieces are versatile with casual styles and are functional enough to do high-intensity workouts in, plus they offer a great range of sizes. I’ve found everything to be nicely sized by following their fit guide. Another thing I’m impressed about is the style of the clothes. Most athletic wear I browse are too drab or tries to stay on trend, but Fabletics offers a great range of styles suited for everyone! If you like black and grays, they have them, if you happen to like the fun patterns and vivid colors, they offer them as well! Overall, the line is feminine and colorful without being too showy.


All in all, I say Fabletics is an excellent choice for the savvy active woman that’s looking for chic, adorable, quality workout clothing that she can switch up as often as she likes. Ready to try them out? You can get started here, there’s currently a 2 for $24 leggings sale.

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