Betsy DeVos – One of the Most Active Reformers and Generous Philanthropists in the United States

Betsy DeVos is widely known as one of the most dynamic personalities in the United States political and social landscape. She has been appointed as the Education Secretary in the cabinet of the Present United States President, Donald Trump. Betsy DeVos is famous for her widespread support for the many social and educational reforms she feels highly needed in the country.

Apart from being an active social and education reformer, Betsy DeVos and her husband are amongst the most attractive and generous philanthropists in the country. They have given millions in aid collectively for social reforms, educational reforms, supporting organizations that champion the causes they believe in, providing healthcare and education to low-income families, scholarships for students from underprivileged background, and more.

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Betsy DeVos is a Republican by heart and is a firm supporter of conservative campaigns and causes. Over the years, she and her husband have spent millions in political campaigns to ensure that Betsy can make through to the upper echelons of political structure to realize the education reforms the country so needs. The husband of Betsy DeVos, Dick DeVos is the son of the co-founder of Amway Corporation. The DeVoses are known to be among the most influential families in the country’s political landscape, in particular on the Republican end. The entire family of DeVoses has collectively made the donations amounting to over $1.33 Billion.

Time and again, Betsy Devos has been clear on her intentions regarding education reforms and her support for these changes. Most of the donations made by her and her husband go towards materializing the education reforms they believe in. Betsy DeVos completed her graduation from Calvin College, where he received a degree in Business Management and Political Science. During her college days, she was quite popular among the students and in the colleges due to her involvement in the politics. The total contributions made by Betsy and Dick DeVos collectively amount to $139 million.

One of the recent donations made by Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation of $400,000 was for the construction of a based education site by the famous Campbell Brown, who has earlier served as an anchor at CNN. The foundation that is run by Dick and Betsy is a very active one when it comes to looking for areas in the community that needs change, reform, aid, or assistance. Empowering local communities is also one of the primary agendas of the Betsy and Dick. Read more articles at MLive about Betsy.

In the area of education, few of the donations made by Betsy include $750,000 to the famous American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy, $150,000 to Success Academy, $100,000 to Alliance for School Choice. As an education secretary for the country, she hopes to bring the difference in the country’s education structure to ensure students continue to get a quality education.

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