Betsy DeVos: The Options of Education

Molding a young mind in the process of education is like creating a sculpture out of clay. The proper technique would require the sculptor to take the time to properly create something exquisite. When items are put through an assembly line process some of the magic is taken out of the process. The item is never as truly unique as it was meant to be. The worst part about this is that the instance of waste is higher. When an item is broken, instead of fixing it the item is thrown back into the pile to be reused. The reason why this is important when it comes to education is that the public school system is attempting to use an assembly line technique to mold the young minds of today. The problem with this is that many students will fall through the crack and be thrown back onto the pile instead of getting that personal touch that would have guaranteed their success in the first place. It is sad to say the least.


Betsy DeVos understand the struggle that teachers have in the public-school system. Many of them are trying to teach children in classrooms that are overcrowded, and they are handcuffed by standards related to testing. This can be a very stressful time for both teacher and student. She explains in her interview with Philanthropy Roundtable that this is been a process in the making for several years now. People have felt trapped in the public school systems. Instead of listening to the information that their children learn that day they are subject to the vintage frustration of their child. You can leave a parent feeling powerless to help their children through the process. While some children have parents that choose to enrich their education through home activities other children are in a position where the parents are too busy to offer this additional form of education. Betsy DeVos wants parents to understand that there are different choices available to them when it comes to their children’s educational needs.


Her work is geared towards looking at the formation of scholarship opportunities and tax breaks for a more privatized educational environment. She believes that these institutions have a better environment available for children because they have better staffing and smaller classroom sizes. The other positive about this experience is that children will be exposed to a different type of learning environment. Often, these institutions are dedicated to expanding children’s knowledge and teaching within a context that is graspable. It would be a better use of a child’s time to attend an education program in one of these institutions instead of a public school where they will be lumped in with their classmates. Betsy DeVos calls all parents to take a look at the private education institutions in their area. She explains that while many parents may not feel as though they can afford such places, scholarships and tax breaks are possible. Additionally, parents should look into institutions that are well-established as they are tuition is typically lower than new construction.


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