Betsy DeVos: The Philanthropist and Businesswoman

Betsy DeVos is a politician, philanthropist and best known for being a businesswoman. She is married to Dick DeVos, and the two have been known to do a lot of charity work especially when it comes to the education sector.

As Trump came into power, she was selected to be the Secretary of Education, and so far, she has been doing a good job with that sector despite a lot of pressure from people in higher ranks than hers.

Her Highlights

Over the years, she has had a strong advocacy for educational matters especially when it comes to:

  1. Choice of schools
  2. The voucher programs in the schools
  3. The charter schools
  4. The Reformed Christian community

As is evidenced by the heavy presence in school related matters, Betsy DeVos is indeed deserving of her position as the Secretary of Education, and she has already been involved in a face-off with the attorney general over matters of transgender students. Read more news on Los Angeles Times

The DeVos Factor

The DeVos family is known for having contributed heavily to the education sectors in the country. They have over the years donated millions of dollars to help children from underprivileged and low-income homes, access better education. This has been the driving force that has put Betsy in the education sector limelight.

Together with Dick DeVos who is her husband, they have brought change to their home state of Michigan having contributed to the creation of several programs that enable the advancement of education.

The Face-Off With The Big Guns

Obama was insightful and sensitive when he allowed the passing of a law that allowed transgender students across America to choose whatever bathroom that they felt comfortable with. This obviously, would make them have a great learning experience without being discriminated against. Well, not everybody agreed with him, though.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions was not happy with that, and he proposed a bill that he backed heavily. Together with Mr. Trump, they agreed that this particular law that made students comfortable should be rescinded. They did not see Betsy was against them until she set herself up against them.

When it comes to education, Betsy DeVos is no pushover, and this caused them to have a face-off with the Attorney General. She was looking out for the students, but against the arguably two most powerful people in the government, she had to budge.

The End Of The Bathroom Act

Finally, Betsy DeVos had to back down under the pressure and all the power she was facing. However, people decided to start debates about the attitude that Mr. Trump has shown so far about the LGBTQI community and the minorities in general.

In Conclusion

Betsy DeVos is a strong woman who has done a lot for kids and education in general and has changed the scope of education as we see it. She just began in this new position, and we have much to expect from her.

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