Bruno Fagali- Compliance and corporate governance lawyer

Compliance and corporate governance are some of the issues that have caused widespread and heated discussions in the corporate sector. Due to the high number of corruption scandals which have rocked public and private organizations in Brazil these issues have never been more important than now. According to Brazilian lawyer and the founder of Fagali Advocacy known as Bruno Fagali, there the main problem with compliance and corporate governance is that the regulations that are being put in place to enhance them are just being said or are on paper. There is no implementation of measures passed to curb the runaway corruption that is killing the economy. Read more about Fagali on Crunchbase.

Companies are failing to meet the most important aspects of compliance while running to implement measures that are under the anti-corruption law. The thing that Fagali is trying to insist on is that the country needs to rise to a number of things. The most important thing for corporates to do is to enhance the practice such that it is not just about a matter of following what the law demands but creating the spirit of compliance in the organization. It does not have to be that every time compliance, must be forced down our throats. Compliance should not be bureaucratic.

Bruno insists that organizations need to have consistent application of compliance measures to enhance is only through dedication from the corporate sector that corruption can be avoided. It is good to note that there is a lot that goes into fighting this vice and unless we have the commitment and the drive to do some things, we shall always be left behind. Bruno adds that we need to have integrity programs which are at the core of operations done by a company. Departments such as accounting, internal audit and legal must have integrity programs running deep in them.

Bruno Fagali is a lawyer who majors in compliance laws and one of the people who has been trying as much as possible to help organizations deal with compliance issues in government. He is an experienced lawyer who is running Fagali advocacy with a team of professionals who are dedicated to the same mission. Find out more: