Fabletics and the Fight For Self Esteem

Society is in a mess these days. Many people are struggling with low self esteem, low self worth, depression and anxiety among others. Society is paying more attention to these conditions and looking for a root cause of the issues. One thing to look at is the standards of beauty as well as society’s attitude towards it. Many people are noticing how unrealistic it is to hold themselves to these standards. They are also realizing that the rigid dress codes are also not working for them as well. Therefore, people are looking for a way to express their individuality as this worldview is changing.


Kate Hudson is helping to fight for self esteem within people. One thing that she is doing is making sure that people know that it is okay for them to be who they are. They do not have to be someone else. The way she is doing that is through her fashion brand known as Fabletics. Kate Hudson and the market team are paying more attention to their members and input from them instead of just trying to tell them what they should buy. This results in a wider range of styles that people can choose from in the active wear category.


There is one issue that Kate Hudson that has a lot to do with the lower self esteem that individuals are facing. There seems to be a lot of exclusivity in society. For one thing, people are being ostracized for different reasons. Among the reasons for ostracism is body weight. This is shown in the fashion industry where women who are a little larger are excluded from many designers for some reason. Kate Hudson has made it clear that everyone should be included in the new style of fashion.


When someone does more than just try to sell items, it sends a good message. People look for businesses on the basis of whether or not they care. If the company does not care, then they may have a smaller likelihood of attracting customers. When a company goes above and beyond, then they will give people plenty of reasons to continue shopping with them.