Fabletics Offering Soft, Comfortable, Quality Workout Apparel At A Price Everyone Can Afford

Living a healthy and active lifestyle is a goal most people have to live their best life. Knowing this, Kate Hudson set out to create activewear that would not only fit every active lifestyle but was affordable for every budget while still offering quality clothing. Before Fabletics launched in 2013, there were only expensive workout wear brands or low-cost brands that would fall apart after just a few workouts. Fabletics set out to fill that hole in the industry. They created a workout apparel line that was trendy, stylish, comfortable, that is also affordable for all budgets, and made of quality material that will last for a long time.


Fabletics must have fit a big need in the market. They have grown to a multi-million dollar company in a few short years with their membership subscription service model. They have been successful in taking on giants in the apparel industry, like Amazon who controls up to twenty percent of sales. Recently, Fabletics has started to open physical stores. To many, this may seem like a backward approach for a company that started online. However, they are using their stores as a way to offer more customer service to their members and get to know the areas they serve. Through their stores, they get to know the trends and styles of each area they serve, tailoring their clothes to local likes and dislikes. Many retailers are losing sales to online companies selling items for less. Customers will come in their stores to see the items, but simply buy online when they find it cheaper. For Fabletics customers, it doesn’t matter if they buy in store or online. In fact, when they shop in store, their items also go into their online shopping cart, so they can purchase later if they wish. The stores also help expand their customer base. While as many as half of the customers that come into their physical stores are already members, another quarter of those customers become members while in their stores. This helps grow their loyal membership base and create more monthly sales.


While Fabletics prices help get customers in the door, the quality of their clothing keeps them coming back month after month. Their clothes are soft, comfortable, and thick, so you won’t have any see through issues. They resist fading and retain their shape and compression after many washings, so they are sure to last you a long time. Plus, their clothing is always trendy and stylish, you will want to wear the outfits all day long.


The first outfit you get with Fabletics is offered at a discount. You take a quiz to help determine your lifestyle, exercise choices, and style preferences. This will help tailor the site and outfit to your preferences, saving you time browsing. You will then receive hand picked outfit choices for you to choose from every month, or you can pick your own. For your low monthly fee, you will receive a two to three piece outfit that you will love.

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