How Consumers Feel About Cleansing Conditioner

Cleansing conditioner is one of the hair industry’s latest innovations, as it allows people to cleanse and condition his or her scalp at the very same time. Specifically, Wen cleansing conditioner is gaining attention, especially from Emily McClure, a woman who shared her testimonial with women and men online who were interested in the product as well. Emily gave a very detailed review of Wen by Chaz’s Fig Cleansing Conditioner, which was shared on Bustle’s website at

An overview of the article posted by Emily McClure includes that Emily used the product each morning, followed by selfies and written descriptions of how her hair turned out (or looked prior to the usage of Wen by Chaz’s cleansing conditioner. Overall, Emily McClure seemed pretty happy with the results, as she recommended it for women who wash their hair every morning and are looking for a little bit of extra shine. Emily was also pleased to hear her friends comment on how good her hair looked. Although the product seemed to make her fine hair feel flat the next morning, it is nothing that dry shampoo or a texturing spray can’t help.

Chaz Dean is the creator behind Wen by Chaz, as he has delivered a product that is unique, thoughtful, and applauded. To purchase wen, simply visit the website or go to You can also purchase the products from your local Sephora beauty outlet.


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  1. No doubt this product has gained so much attention from both men and women alike because of the awesomeness of this product. No wonder has given a good and fantastic review about how the services of this company has helped so many people. Clients are happy and have given positive feedbacks. Wen’s product does all these at the same time, it cleanse and condition scalp at the very same time. Wen’s product is just the perfect hair conditioner for all kinds of hair.

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