Jake Gottlieb from MD to Financial Guru

As a New York native Jake Gottlieb received his Doctor of Medicine degree from the New York University Medical school in New York, NY. As a proud recipient of his degree he was successful in completing his St. Vincent Hospital’s internship, as well. After completing this, Gottlieb realized that he had more interest in economics and finances than he did in the medical industry and wanted to move his focus over to that. Being a go-getter that he is, Jacob returned to school to receive more designations. For instance, he became a CFA or Chartered Financial analyst in 2001 and he also received his BA from Brown University in the field of economics.

In doing this Jacob was able to open other doors for himself and founded his own company in 2005. Essentially, this company was focused on asset management and Jacob Gottlieb named himself managing partner and CIO or Chief Investment Officer of it. Unsurprisingly, Visium Asset Management, LLC is not his first rodeo in investments. Before opening this company Jacob was also found dominating as an investment portfolio manager at a company in London by Marlon financial. So, he is not just well versed in the states but he has done work internationally.

What’s wonderful about Jacob is that he did not stop there, because he is not a selfish person and he thoroughly enjoys giving back to the community. He has created multiple charities that help those less fortunate. One charity that he can definitely be proud of is the Robin Hood charity. This charity is in New York and it helps fight poverty while having over 200 nonprofit support systems.Furthermore, all donations go directly to those in need. This charity helps those in need of financial assistance real estate assistant and management support. One of the most recent acts that Robin Hood can be attributed to is the helping of refugee children in New York City. Focused on homelessness, Robin Hood engages with the community to find solutions becoming a true community partner and a trusted member of the community.

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