Jim Tananbaum- A Healthcare Entrepreneur On a Mission

Jim Tananbaum founded Foresite Capital in 2011. Foresite Capital is a private equity healthcare firm. It specialized in identifying health care leaders who emerged. In view of this, Foresite Capital supplied information, capital and networks for their growth. Foresite Capital also led several investments in synthetic biology. Earlier in his career, Jim founded two biopharmaceutical companies. He also founded two other health care investment practices.

In 1998 he acquired GelTex for $1.6 billion. With 22 years of active business, Renzela’s annual revenue is now estimated at $1 billion. Jim’s core investment experience lies in ventures. Markedly, he founded Prospect Venture Partners II and III. He was also a partner at Sierra Ventures. In the same line of concentration, Jim also established Amira Pharmaceuticals and Amerigroup.

In his profession, Jim Tananbaum majored in math and electrical engineer/computer science as Yale. He later received his MBA and MS from Harvard and Massachusetts. Jim’s vision was to pursue computer science together with healthcare since his high school. In view of this, he nurtured strong relationships with several career mentors. For instance, George Whitesides mentored him in entrepreneurship and science.

In the interview with Ideas Moench, Jim confessed that he worked for 25 years as a healthcare entrepreneur. It is during this period that he came up with idea of Foresite Capital. He notes that Foresite is exclusively committed to optimize healthcare services. He understands that, the course requires heavy capital and time investments. As a matter of fact, intensive research is also vital to realize these goals.

Jim’s day runs on a busy schedule. He mostly spends most of his time on calls, meetings and company presentations. Jim also spends much of his time building more healthcare networks. Important to note also is that, Jim spends part of his time with friends and family. He also adds that he regularly workout.

In conclusion, Jim Tananbaum is particularly thrilled by the science behind health care. His healthcare ventures runs in biotechnology, diagnostics, genomics and medical devices. He loves learning and trying out new ideas as well. His commitment to work also plays a key role in his career.

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