Lime Crime Goes Online For Marketing And Sales


The company has always found itself working outside the traditional marketing and sales options used by the majority of companies in the cosmetics industry, from the bold use of color, to the use of social media marketing, and the use of Online sales platforms the company is always thinking outside the box. One of the major areas the makeup producer based in Los Angeles has stepped outside the norm is with its use of social media sites to connect with customers and learn which products are loved by those who follow both the brand and Online presence of Doe Deere.

Marketing was the stimulus for the creation of the Lime Crime brand in 2005 when founder Doe Deere was looking to establish her own clothing line after completing her fashion education in New York; Deere initially struggled to find makeup matching her vision of bold colors to enhance the fairy tale aspect of her own Online persona. Creating her own cosmetics line saw social media play an important part in the development of the brand and has seen the company accounts on Instagram, Tumblr, and other platforms take an important role in marketing and customer feedback. Doe Deere herself has become an important figure for many customers of the brand who read her blog posts signed as “The Queen of the Unicorns.”

The Lime Crime name and business model has always been based on providing products through Online sales platforms, which has been maintained as the main sales platform even after experienced cosmetics industry experts doubted the chances of an Online cosmetics company achieving success. This range of vegan and cruelty free products has always been made available through the Website of the company, but is also available from some of the top Online sales platforms in the world, such as Amazon.

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