Modeling Agency in Central Texas- Brown Agency


Modeling can now be considered as a full-time career, unlike the earlier years where it was not so popular and those who engaged in it did it for fun or as a side job. Models, as well as aspiring models, can earn an income through modeling. Models get their jobs through modeling agents. A modeling agent has the responsibility to work hand in hand with the models by training them, and also looking for jobs on their behalf. The modeling agencies work on the models. The agencies earn a commission from the advertising organizations which offer jobs to the models. It can be an overwhelming task to look for a modeling agency and any model needs to be careful about the modeling agency they choose. One can visit their website to check if they are registered and also ask friends and relatives who have used the services of a modeling agency before.

Brown Agency is one of the famous modeling agencies in the United States. In the summer of 2015, the agency became a full serviced modeling as well as a talent agency. Before the name Brown Agency, the modeling organization was referred to as Wilhelmina Austin, with the prominent Wilhelmina Models Network. According to, ever since the inception of the modeling firm it has been experiencing a marvelous expansion with Brown Agency becoming a leader in the modeling industry. The management of the company had the dreams to become one of the modeling agencies with the unique standards in Central Texas which they surely achieved. Texas models have greatly benefited from the establishment of the modeling agency which has given them an opportunity to work together with some of the top organizations among them; Dell, Toyota, and Louis Vuitton among others.

Brown Agency was created with a primary mandate of representing models as well as actors and actress in various field including; fashion runway, industrial video, television, print, catalogue, conventions, films, corporate events, commercials, trade shows, voiceover as well as promotional. Models who have worked and even those working with brown Agency have graced many occasions including being present and in the runway in fashion events among them; Miami swim week, Austin Fashion week, Dallas fashion week, and New York fashion week among other big fashion shows in the world.

Brown Agency is headed by Justin Brown who is the President of the fashion and modeling company. According to the President, the modeling group is as good as their talent, and since their creation, they have had the responsibility to select only the best as they develop the models into the large market. The firm is founded on a strong mission of delivering dependable as well as beautiful models in Central Texas.