OSI Group; Food Service Leaders

Join OSI Foods For A Diet You Can Trust

Most people presume they’re being fed a safe diet, if it’s being sold in stores, how true is that? The OSI Group lets you choose their full disclosure details from their website. As food group leaders, they’ve continued to answer to a stabilized food group under the conditions of the strict food service food guidelines. OSI is based in southern Illinois with an international portfolio. They lend over a century of experience to the food service industry. Learn more about their food contents by visiting their popular website for more details.

OSI Group Foods International News

The OSI Food Group has been able to gain business ties with the EU food industry while others tried with a bid for the food giants. They operate the largest European food plant with a success deal with the popular Flagship Europe Group. The deal has been worth $7 million dollars and has created successful EU business growth. They were attracted to the $67.4 billion dollars in assets owned by the OSI Industries Foods. Their recent international portfolio growth also includes a deal with the Dutch, Baho Foods. They will also market organic vegetables in India.

OSI Group Charity News

The OSI Food Group is passionate about many humanitarian causes throughout the world. Their President, David McDonald, lends his time and resources to many local area charities. For example, the popular OSI Industries Group has given generously to the Salvation Army and the United Way. Their Chicago, Tyson Food plant has helped them retain hundreds of jobs. They’re willing to give back to the same communities that they feed. You can also find a diverse job opportunity listed on their website. If it’s an OSI Group Industries diet, you can trust them to feed your family.