Qualities of a True Leader as Highlighted by Vijay Eswaran

Leadership is more than telling people what to do it involves serving. Someone who can be regarded to be a true leader is the one who can serve others. Servant leadership is interpreted differently by people because it means different things. Eswaran says that the philosophy which he likes most is the one that he learned when he was young from his father. He saw him his parent working too hard for the betterment of others and focusing on what he believed to be helpful to others.

A true leader handles the need of others first because a true leader believes in a higher purpose than himself or herself. Vijay Eswaran grew up being inspired by great leaders like Nelson Mandela, Mahatma Gandhi as well as Mother Teresa. These people were born and brought up like any other, but today they are remembered as extraordinary leaders who sacrificed a lot of things including their happiness so that other people could benefit. These leaders found a higher purpose in their lives that was more important than themselves.

True leaders have five qualities that distinguish them from other people who claim to be leaders. The first quality is care. Eswaran explains that what matters in an organization is not the products it sells but people working for the organization. Employees who dedicate themselves to working for organizations are the true assets of a company. A servant leader in an organization understands this and pay attention to employees because he or she believes everyone was brought to this world for a purpose. A leader who cares for his or her employees always excels.

Clarity of vision is the second quality that marks a true leader. The most important thing in understanding a purpose is a clear vision. Understanding vision and communicating it to others is the best way of achieving the set objectives. Other Qualities of a true leader that Vijay Eswaran outlines include core values.