Robert Deignan: An Expert Who Is Helping Users to Understand Latest Updates on Technology

In modern-day world, technology is changing at a fast rate. New inventions are being established every day. These constant changes can cause a lot of confusion to users if innovations are not explained to them. Also, new gadgets that are to be used in the workplaces are updated continuously or replaced if they become obsolete. To provide a solution tp0 this problem, Robert Deignan founded the ATS Digital Services.


Robert Deignan is a businessman and entrepreneur who has a passion for the technology sector. He has almost three decades of experience in technology and leadership fields. Robert Deignan career path started at Purdue University, courtesy of a football scholarship, and graduated a degree in leadership. Deignan stated to put his entrepreneurship skills early in life where after completing his degree he co-founded Fanlink, Inc. Robert was born and continues to live in Fort Lauderdale, Florida with his family.


ATS Digital Services was established to help customers overcome the challenges experienced in the technology world. It renders services that make it easier to use technology in workplaces and homes. ATS Digital Services allows customers to keep up to date with the technology. This advice helps business to have the upper hand when conducting their transactions as efficiency is improved. Recently, Robert Deignan has provided the following news on the latest in the technology world;

Robert Deignan gave the news that the Youtube Red Service will split into two services, namely YouTube Music and YouTube Premium. Subscribers of YouTube Music will watch the music videos ad-free while those of YouTube Premium will watch other videos ad-free but it will not include music videos that are ad-free.


Also, Robert Deignan gives the news that police forces in England are under pressure from Big Brother Watch, a watchdog company, to drop the facial recognition technology as it is not reliable. However, the police have responded by saying that they have a backup procedure that they use in case the technology fails. In another update, Robert shared information on how Android is helping to fight phone addiction. The company will provide an update that will enable users to set the time that they want to spend on their phones.