Rocketship Education, setting standards for learning

Rocketship Education, setting standards for learning

Access to education and good learning materials has been a challenge for children in low-income communities for many years now. Very few are able to access basic education and those who are lucky to do so face the challenge of getting the necessary learning tools required for successful classroom experience. This has resulted in a huge gap when it comes to academic achievement and general achievement is life between the able and the low-income communities. To eliminate this gap and the challenges leading to it, one John Danner and Preston Smith came together in 2006 and launched the Rocketship education.

About Rocketship Education

Rocketship is a nonprofit organization that works to promote education in low-income communities nationwide. By utilizing the right mode of instruction, Rocketship works under the premise of a technology supported learning process that is teacher-led as well. The model is heavily personalized to match each student in the program with the right content at the right time. The network core principle is the inclusion of the parents in their children’s learning process in an attempt to make lifelong advocated for the children out of the parents.

So far the network runs nine schools in different locations. The network is, however, intending to build 40 new schools in five different cities half of them being in San Jose by the end of the year 2020.

The Rocketship Education network is constantly employing new and advanced technologies and equipment in their teaching methods in an attempt to adopt the best way to reach out to their students. Doing so also helps the teachers and students know where their strengths are, make mistakes and learn from them and eventually become better in what they do. The Rocketship schools allow their students 75 percent of traditional classroom learning and the other twenty-five is spent in labs, and in polishing the students’ skills through adaptive educational software. They also adopt highly training programs for their teachers that help them take charge of their classrooms and be effective in their purpose. The classroom routines at Rocketship schools have been adopted in many schools across the state.

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