Securus Technologies Launches Drone Detection Technology to Bar Drone Deliveries

Securus Technologies is a leading provider of high-tech solutions for law enforcement, investigations, government payment services as well as public safety. A few days ago, the company announced the new project titled drone detection, an initiative based on using drones to detect threats in correctional facilities.


Background Data


Well according to the news reports from Securus Technologies, it was clear that there are inmates who use drones to carry illegal gadgets and weapons to jail. Additionally, the same drones are being used to deal in contraband gadgets. It was also clear that corrections officers had come across to suggest that drones have been used to transport drugs and cell phones to facilities.


Partnership and Investment


To curb all the series of the mentioned events, Securus Technologies invested resources and workforce in an 18 months project meant to evaluate the launched drone technology. To increase the chances of succeeding in the plan, Securus Technologies worked with partners and experts to detect and stop these drones from paving their way into correctional facilities.


Emerging Technology


Regarding the drone technology, a spokesperson from Securus Technologies said that it is an emerging technology and still going through several pilot tests to identify its strengths as well as its weaknesses. Moreover, Securus Technologies has been working with experts in technology to determine the possibilities of the drone machine working correctly. For that reason, the management is confident that the device can be engineered to fit the requirements of its purpose.


Technology Improvement


Of course, like any other technology, it only gets better with more trials, resources as well as investments. This is because it has been proven that technology improves with time. Just to make sure that the project is on the right course, Securus Technologies has employed the input of corrections officials who commit to deter the delivery of dangerous contraband.


The Mechanism


Like the Wireless Containment System, drone detection utilizes Digital Antennae Structure, an infrastructure that ensures all systems work to detect drone activities. Coupled with an investigative system that is more effective, the future of drone usage in correctional facilities is bleak.




Conclusively, the frequency of drone cases is a clear demonstration of the level of innovation an initiative Securus Technologies is committed to giving to the project.


Company Profile


Securus Technologies was established with the sole purpose of creating smooth communication and safety landing in correctional facilities. So far, the company has managed to launch several machines to detect danger and avoid it on time. Besides, Securus Technologies has worked with numerous technology-based companies to invent technology and prevent crime. It is evident that the company is committed to making sure that safety is paramount in the community and the world at large.