Shervin Pishevar Preaches On Twitter

Sometimes you sit down and have a conversation with someone that you just never forget. It could be something that they say or even just the way that they say it. For Shervin Pishevar that conversation is a public one that he holds on Twitter for his followers. He does so frequently, and they appreciate hearing what he has to say about any number of different issues that pertain to their lives.

Recently, Shervin Pishevar took to Twitter to speak his mind on the economic issues of the day. He started it out with a bang when he discussed his views on how he believes that the stock market is overpriced by at least twenty percent. He also thinks that Bitcoin is a bad idea in the near term as well. In other words, when Shervin Pishevar went to Twitter to talk about the economy, he was not all sunshine and rainbows. He was realistic.

The fact is that Shervin Pishevar firmly believes that it is best to steer clear of the stock market for the time being. He is a pretty strong believer in the power of the market in general, but he does not want anyone who is following his understanding of the market to believe for even a moment that this is a time when things are safe. He believes that inflation is going to play a big role in outcomes in the market, but he also has a fear that many people are going to try to find returns in things such as Bitcoin to the demise of their bank accounts. Shervin Pishevar preached in his tweet storm that Bitcoin was not the answer to the problem for those looking for a solution to find returns in a difficult market.

The tweet storm was lengthy, but it was also important. It was a solid reminder of the fact that we all need to evaluate our investment choices on a regular basis. It could very well be the case that we need to make some changes in the here and now in order to make up for what could be a very bumpy market.