Southridge Capital: Successful Finance and Advice

Southridge Capital LLC is a private equity firm based in Connecticut. They have offices both in Connecticut and New York. Overall they have invested $1.8 billion into their clients worldwide. They specialize in customizing financial plans for each individual client dependent on their individual needs, and offer advisory to their clients for various needs. With over 20 years of experience they are committed to the success of their clients. They are also very active in their local charities.

Founded in 1996 by Stephen Hicks, Southridge Capital has played a role in the advice and financing of over 250 companies to date, and that number continues to expand. They recently entered into equity purchase agreements with two companies, Elayaway and Elite Data Services Inc.This type of experience helps them know many different types of client financing needs, and makes them an asset for executing plans for success. Southridge Capital can handle company startups, techniques in financing for a company, and balance sheet management. They have a variety of non-traditional financing solutions, such as providing a loan against an insider share. They also are very experienced in advising companies through different corporate situations, such as bankruptcy, acquisitions and legal settlement. From financing to corporate advice, Southridge Capital has the tools to take a company and put it on the road to success and growth. You can visit

Southridge Capital is a very successful firm, and they believe that the growth and success of their clients and themselves start in the communities around them. CEO and owner Stephen Hicks and his wife Mary started the Daystar Foundation two years after Southridge Capital was formed. The Daystar Foundation supports many local charities that focus their efforts to encourage and grow the arts, education and health. Stephen believes that if you spend time and commit to the betterment of your society through charities, you can affect people in need more directly. Southridge considers helping local communities a corporate responsibility, and donates through the Daystar Foundation and over 13 other charities, including: the Bridgeport Rescue Mission, the Ridgefield Community Center and the Ridgefield Sunrise Cottage. Visit citybizlist to see more.

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