Swiss Startup Factory Founder: Mike Baur

Mike Baur is a very successful businessman. His background is in finance. He has decades of experience in banking. After several years of working for large financial corporations, Mike quit to invest in small startup companies that he felt deeply about. These investments were the beginning of him getting a career in startups. The startups he invested in and managed spurred him to startup his own company. Swiss Startup Factory garnered much success due to Mike Baur’s efforts. The company even got listed in the Wall Street Journal.


Swiss Startup Factory was founded on the principle of enabling other founders to create companies and push those companies to delivering the most potential. Mike Baur’s company is known for its Accelerator Batch program. Accelerator Batch began as a way to educate entrepreneurs on how to reach the most potential possible. The ten-week course allows entrepreneurs to gain the knowledge and experience it typically would take the average person a whole year to attain.


Ever since 2015, Mike Baur’s finance company has been the number one privately financed accelerator in all of Switzerland. The company’s portfolio has an average of over one thousand startups annually they work with to develop. The company serves its startups with media, tech, legal and talent assistance. The company works with strategic partners to give their startups the best possibility at reaching success.


Mike Baur is prepared for how the banking industry is undergoing changes. The customary ways of banking have demised. The new generation of people seeking out banking solutions plus the infiltration of technology has forced the banking industry to evolve. The new generation demands a customized banking plan. That is where Mike Baur’s company steps in by creating an individualized banking plan for clients and their companies.


Mike Baur’s Swiss Startup Factory has pushed his company to being the leading startup finance investor in Switzerland. Because of his efforts, Mike has been awarded one of the top ten Digital Startup Enabler awards in all of Switzerland. The college graduate of the University of Rochester New York and University of Berne enjoys his career success right along with his success as a family man to two children.

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