The Golden Age: Courtesy of Daniel Taub

Daniel Taub

Daniel Taub is a British-born Israeli with staunch Jewish beliefs. Other than just possessing exemplary negotiation and mediation skills, the Israeli diplomat understands the need to use arbitrary tools to drive unreasonable parties to comply with reasonable demands.

The man is both humble and assertive just as much as he is sociable and respectable.

Traits of humility were evident straight from the way Taub humbled himself before her Majesty Elizabeth II, Queen of all the United Kingdom by lowering his head. He was, however, in his humility, assertive of the reason why he came to the Court of St. James and presented himself to her.

Assisted by the full religious Jewish regalia that he clad, he explained and demonstrated that he had come to serve Israeli interests in Britain despite the fact that he was born in Britain.

He was keen to assure the queen, however, that Israel and the United Kingdom wanted the same things (he was certain as he had lived in both countries) and that they would assist each other to get those things. Read more: Daniel Taub | Wikipedia and Daniel Taub – Crunchbase

He made good on his promise to use his intimate knowledge of both sovereign states to cultivate a good relationship between the two. In his four years of service as the Israeli ambassador to Britain, Daniel Taub doubled the existing bilateral trade between Israel and Britain.

The Israeli Consulate in the United Kingdom reported that through Taub’s deliberations, over 300 Israeli businesses were established in the United Kingdom.

In his last year of tenure, an all-time high of annual trade hit the seven-billion-dollars-mark. Also, social and academic ties also strengthened. The overall diplomatic growth led both consulates in the United Kingdom and Israel to refer to Taub’s tenure as the ‘Golden Age.’ Read more:

The ‘Golden Age’ was certainly resisted by some groups and individuals who did not prevail because Taub refused them that opportunity. The largest student body in Britain voted to adopt an Israeli boycott. Taub demanded of University administrators to protect students and staff who were for Israel in their declarations and actions.

The boycott was not as influential as it had been planned because Taub did not cower and refused to have pro-Israeli people intimidated. He also defiantly refused to be intimidated by George Galloway, Member of Parliament for Bradford. Galloway declared his constituency an Israel free zone.

In defiance, Taub visited the constituency and graced several Jewish church and social events. He later expressed that Galloway was unrepresentative to have expressed resentfulness towards Israeli, an attitude that he did not experience during his visit there.