Trabuco Journey To Extinction

Weapons have evolved a great deal over the years. The weapons that were once used to wage war wouldn’t be any match for the weapons that are used now. Ancient weapons were much slower and required a significant amount of work from the people that were operating the machines. Over time new ways of improvement were discovered, and weapons began to operate faster and at an overall higher speed than they commonly were. One weapon that was altered to move faster is the Trabuco.


The Trabuco is a siege weapon that was used to hurl big stones that sometimes weighed a ton. The weight of the stones increased a significant amount from the time that they were created to the time he reached their final stage of development. It took around 250 men to operate the machine and load stones. Once the machine was loaded with the stones that were to be thrown the stones crushed the enemy’s walls and sometimes went over the enemy’s walls. The machine had the ability to throw four shots per minute. Living in a time when hundreds and thousands of shots can be fired four shots per minute would be a struggle in war today.

It is said that the machine was created in China. The weapon made its way to the Middle East, and the Arabs redesigned what they saw as a highly flawed machine. Once the traction was redesigned and renamed the hybrid, the machine was taken to Europe. According to the Europeans felt they would have a large advantage if they used the machine so they bought the machine so that they could use it during the Crusades. The machine no longer exists after guns came to be, but they served a great purpose during the time that they were around.