Wes Edens: A conscious decision to invest in sports

As Wes Edens was pursuing a Bachelor of Finance and Business Administration at Oregon State University, he knew that he would go into finance and Investment banking. By the time he completed his Degree in 1984 he knew exactly where to pursue his career dreams, and this would lead him to Lehman brothers in 1987. At the time it was one of the best performing investment banks, and by the time he left in 1993, he was already a partner and managing director.

Wes Edens then moved to BlackRock here he would choose to work for their private equity division BlackRock Asset Investors. At this time, they were expanding rapidly, and he quickly assumed the position of managing director. He would hone his skills here for some years before leaving in 1997. At the time Wes Edens knew that he would no longer be looking for employment, but rather choose to venture into a partnership with a group of two others to form The Fortress Investment group.

Wes Edens is well known for his love of sports. He has significant investments both in basketball and Football as he recently teamed up with Nassef Sawiris and made a significant investment in the English team, Aston Villa football club. The team has been part the English Premier league for some time and is looking to get back in the league. They narrowly missed out on an opportunity to do so in May and have been seeking some more funding, which Edens investment has surely handed them and they can now focus on acquiring more quality players. This purchase will give them a 55 percent stake in the club. He is also an NBA fan and is the current Co-Owner of the Milwaukee Bucks something that he remains proud of. He hopes to continue growing this franchise and hopefully turn it into one of the most valuable teams in the country.

Wes Edens continues to hold his other positions in various organizations the most significant being that at The fortress Investment Group where he is principal partner. He currently oversees their private equity division.