Founder, Investor

Alejandro Betancourt Revives Hawkers to the Helm of the Fashion and Eyewear Industry

After Hawkers called for financial assistance in 2016, Alejandro Betancourt Lopez, with his team of investors, came out to the brand’s rescue injecting over $50 million in the company operations. He was promoted to become the firm’s president a few days after joining the team. He used this position to reshuffle the entire management team and introduced another era of leadership.

Since Alejandro Betancourt Lopez was aware of what the company is capable of due to its initial success in Spain, he worked tirelessly towards expanding its outreach to different parts of the European continent, North America, and Asia. By 2018, Alejandro made an additional investment of $20 million in the company. This made him the owner of about 50% of the company assets.

Even though the business industry always has setbacks, Alejandro Betancourt Lopez always encouraged his team members never to stop trying regardless of the condition. This created a favorable working environment that increased the productivity rate. He has developed the company from a four-person startup to a brand of over two hundred people operating in various global areas.

The Hawkers brand is currently available in more than fifty countries in different parts of the world. Since its inception in the fashion and eyewear industry, it has sold over 4.5 million pairs of sunglasses. The company is said to be one of the fastest beneficiaries of Facebook ads when it was introduced.

With almost 7 million likes in Facebook page, the firm has become the most popular fashion brand on the platform and other social media platforms. Alejandro Betancourt has mainly focused on developing Hawkers as an online distribution brand.

Over 90% of the company products are sold through Facebook. Due to the high demand of consumers, Alejandro Betancourt Lopez was forced to put up stores in different parts of the world. Currently, the company has over forty stores across the globe. To know more click: here.