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Asot Michael Philanthropic Leadership

Antigua and Barbuda have their fair share of good leadership after the Antigua and Barbuda Labour party came into power. The country’s debts have significantly reduced, and significant development has come up in the country. The Economy growth has grown from initially 3.4 percent to high levels courtesy of the new government at the Antigua & Barbuda Labour Party. To this end, we have Asot Michael, a member of parliament in the saint peter constituency. Asot Micheal was born in 1969 and raised in the leading family of the Antiguan community; Michael’s slogan is caring for the people; he has lived to impact the socio-political lives of the people of Antigua as well as his constituency members.


The successful politician Asot Michael has a rich knowledgeable background which has molded him to be a great role model and visionary leader. He acquired his education abroad, graduating with a BS in Business Administration; further, he holds an MBA, which he received from the University of Miami. Hon. Asot Michael’s political career began in the prime minister’s office, where he served as an Administrative Assistant; he rose to the Chief of Staff’s position in the prime minister’s office. Asot rose to some pivotal role in the Senator’s office, where he served from 1999 to 2003 (Pinterest). 


His presence in the office was full of great success championing the evolution, growth, and bettering the lives of the people of Antigua. Later on, he served as Minister of Public Works, Insurance, and Communications. Hon. Micheal is prided to be an innovative leader who has dramatically transformed the norm in public offices by making them delivering units hence enhancing people’s living standards. Asot Michal advocates for Small businesses and SMEs thanks to his entrepreneurial background, for he believes this is the power behind Antigua’s GDP. This has led to the development of commerce infrastructure, tourism, and also public growth. 

Asot Michael values the security and safety of this business and is at the forefront to ensure an enabling conducive environment is provided to them. He has championed the greatly anticipated change which has assured the citizens of their economic growth and thriving businesses; all these have been achieved through hard work and commitment to his country. ABLP, the ruling party where Asot Michael is a member, saved the Antigua and Barbuda country from the mushrooming debt approximating to around $ 3.7 billion that was not checked bankruptcy of the country. Asot Michael contributed to the 2021 Budget during the recent tabling by the minister in the parliament, thanking the Prime minister to fight Covid 19.