Betsy DeVos Uses Money And Influence To Push Agendas

Anyone who knows of Betsy DeVos is aware she has the money and influence needed to get what she wants. This is true when it comes to pushing her agenda for educational choice. She is married to Dick DeVos, the son of the co-founder of Amway. Together, they are a powerful couple who are strong republicans.


Philanthropy Veil Lifted


A few years ago, a rather large veil was lifted on the philanthropic contributions made by the DeVos family. It is not a big surprise their large political donations garner a lot of attention and criticism. However, the amount of money they give to political charities pales in comparison to other charitable contributions they have given out over the years. A rough estimate assumes they have donated more than $140 million.


Priority In Education


Both Dick and Betsy DeVos have proven their loyalty lies in education. Betsy was the Education Secretary under President Trump. In 2015, the couple gave around $3 million in donations to educational causes. They believe there are many great administrators and teachers around the country working hard and doing wonderful things for their students. It is important these talented educators have an effective educational system in place to help reach all children.


Report Is A Smokescreen?


Many critics will say the report on the couple’s charitable contributions is nothing more than a way to push their agendas. Critics claim the DeVoses use their charity and political contributions to help promote their charter schools and voucher programs. Many of these are run by companies making profits. The couple claims their donations are meant to help people directly.


Betsy and Dick claim the schools they choose to support with financial aid are ones that show adult support, academic rigor and accountability. They are longtime benefactors to their childrens’ old school, Potter’s House.


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