David Schmidt: How LifeWave CEO is Making Focus the New Productivity

According to David Schmidt, the focus is a very strong trait for achieving success in the business world and the emphasis on focusing is very strong in life.

But this success comes with a price as most people have an inability to focus.

Usually, when they are exposed to many distractions, they may be able to maintain focus but, the truth is, the ability to focus isn’t likely to be a strong enough trait to succeed in their career.

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But this is not just a trait that many people have; it is a super-power that people can develop to achieve great things in life.

Most people often feel a general sensation of depression when they are exposed to the massive amount of distractions that are available to them.

LifeWave’s Growth

LifeWave has been in operation for twenty-seven years.

It is the second-largest player in the medical device industry and has operations in both the United States and Europe.

LifeWave has now crossed over $400 million in annual revenue, has witnessed 40% growth in 2017 alone.

There are more than 200 employees with offices in the U.S., Ireland, Japan, Taiwan, Philippines, and Malaysia. There are also more than a dozen distribution centers worldwide.

The company is also constantly reviewing new product development and constantly attempting to devise better ways to test its products.

It now operates a lab in Littleton, Colorado where it tests new products for strength and longevity.

The Benefits of Focus

Focus helps people achieve goals and achieve performance outcomes by giving them a clear mind.

Focus helps you perform better in the long run.

According to studies, most people have lower levels of mental acuity than they would like to think about.

People who have obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) will find it very difficult to focus on tasks simultaneously. Doing things at the same time is often called “split-brain.

Get Great Sleep

Sleep plays an important role in people’s lives.

Whether it is considered eight hours of rest for the mind or ninety minutes of uninterrupted sleep to recharge the body, it is considered to be very important for the person’s health and happiness.