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Edgar Corona Explains Smart Fit’s Plans after Temporary Closure in Most of Their Gyms

People who own and work in gyms were some of the people severely affected by the current pandemic. The most affected gyms are those that have many clients in different countries. One of them is Smart Fit, which has around two million clients in different countries. Smart Fit closed most of their gyms when covid-19 numbers increased. However, the gym chain owner, Edgard Corona, plans to start opening some of the closed gyms gradually.

The closure of some of the Smart Fit gyms started when Corona saw the adverse effects of the pandemic in Italy. With the pandemic killing thousands of people, Edgard Corona decided to close down their gyms to save the lives of his staff and clients. However, he was also concerned about students who attended their gyms in different areas. Therefore, he advised the gym instructors to start offering free online classes to help their clients continue working out at home.

The current pandemic has affected Smart Fit’s growth plans significantly. Before the pandemic, the company had over 700 gyms in different countries, and Edgard Corona hoped to increase the number to over 1000. He had even set aside a significant amount of money to use in the project. However, he had to change the development plans to allocate some money to protect the workers against the deadly virus.

Edgard Corona says that the pandemic period has been one of the most challenging periods he has ever experienced as a businessperson. However, he hopes that the situation will be much better as Smart Fit reopens its gyms gradually. After holding a series of meetings with different businesspeople, Corona has learned the measures other entrepreneurs have put in place before reopening their businesses. That is what he plans to use when they reopen their gyms.

According to him, gym instructors will be taking the temperatures of all the clients and ensure that they have their facemasks before allowing them into the gym. They will then space the workout equipment to ensure that there is enough space between all the students.  Edgard Corona’s: Youtube.