Business Leader, Medical Innovation

Eric Lefkofsky Leads Tempus to Offer Worldwide Medicine Solution

According to business leader Eric Lefkofsky, in the company’s current digital environment, Tempus provides robust, enterprise-wide, precision medicine platforms to more than 550 hospitals around the globe. They are providing a complete view of a patient’s molecular and genomic profile. The company’s growing AI-powered capabilities were founded on Eric Lefkofsky´s personal experience of his sister’s struggle with multiple sclerosis and the revelation that had nothing to do with the original cause of her illness.


The power of the personalized treatment for Eric Lefkofsky´s sister was through her oncologist, who used Tempus to improve her prognosis. The cancer specialists she’s been meeting with use Tempus’s clinical solution to identify the appropriate medication for her care and access data about what treatment has worked in the past. Led by Eric Lefkofsky, Tempus is at the forefront of this change and is already providing value to the U.S. healthcare system through the C-PACT program.


This program was developed by The Co-Implementing Collaborative for Access, Care, and Sharing (CICASC). C-PACT was initially designed to address the lack of connectivity between multidisciplinary health care teams. Physicians from several medical specialties collaborate to support tumor and blood cancer patients in CICASC and access clinical trials with C-PACT. It’s an ambitious goal that requires a fundamental change in how information and decision-making are centralized. 

This can only be achieved through the democratization of healthcare, which necessitates cooperation across multiple stakeholders within the healthcare system. Eric Lefkofsky serves as co-chairman of LeapFrog Investments, one of the largest diversified venture capital funds in the United States, and on the board of directors of AOL, Inc., PublishAmerica, Boomerang and Lightbank. In addition, he serves at Group Health Resources, News Corp, and Transcription. In 2002 he made a US$20 million investment in Lightbank. Before Lightbank, Eric Lefkofsky was a venture capital firm Founders Fund partner. Lefkofsky is also passionate about bringing digital health solutions to market and was recently on the Discovery Channel’s hit series “Best Thing I Ever Ate” for the New Jersey-based pizza shop, Carbonera.