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Heath Ritenour, From Cancer to CEO

Heath Ritenour is the CEO of the insurance office of America, and he is thirty-nine years old. He has had a lot of struggles with his health due to cancer infection and has gone through chemotherapy and surgery. He was not under any control of the things he was going through, which made his life miserable, and he became hungry.

Despite all these challenges he went through, talking to his son, who is only eight years old, made him find hope and happiness again in his life. His interactions with most of the other cancer patients made him believe as well. This allowed him to transform his fear into thankfulness, as well as identify opportunities within himself. He then came to know that there is a lot he can learn from the disease. He subsequently continued his fight against cancer till he was eventually confirmed cancer-free.

Heath Ritenour constantly made sure that the Insurance Office of America gave him ample freedom. As the leader of the organization, his work was to come up with new business ideas. He also ensures that he develops various tools and helps build them to make it easy for the sales from producers. Due to the freedom that he and his team have imposed in this company made the producers even earn more than their CEO. The producers have the freedom to become entrepreneurs and are free to develop something without consulting anybody.

Heath Ritenour gives excellent service to his staff without putting any of them in jeopardy. He ensures his producers are the best. He does not also stop them from leaving the office early. His father is his role model, and the father made him know a lot about life and business. He watched intently as his parents toiled away to make their business a success. This was also what drove him to work harder to achieve greatness.

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