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How Neil Gerrard Has Helped the Government in Investigations

Successful attorney Neil Gerrard is a Britain Lawyer currently working in the United Kingdom as Co-head of Dechert’s white-collar and security investigations. He attended Manchester Polytechnic to attain his L.L.B. and later joined Chester College of Law to advance his studies. Neil Gerrard has been focusing on white-collar crimes, crimes that relate to the corporate sector. 


He also emphasized regular investigations and prosecutions of serious fraud offices in the United States, United Kingdom, and European Union at large. Neil Gerrard is also a partner of Dechert. He has been advising on many largest and high-profile investigations carried in the U.K. by authorities. Some countries have also been calling on Neil Gerrard to help investigate as a private and independent specialist on behalf of authorities. 


Neil Gerrard has also been advising different governmental committees, such as the audit committee, investigating accountability and financial transparency on government parastatals. Dechert L.L.P. is a global firm operating in Asia, Europe, North America, and the Middle East (Iclg). 

Dechert is a world-leading lawyers’ advisory firm that deals with sophisticated legal advice in the United Kingdom and across the border. Neil Gerrard has played a key role for the law firm. This firm has been working in the most challenging disputes and has delivered the best legal services to its clients. Dechert has always been driven by one key principle to ensure exceptional services to its client. That’s why the firm has been focusing on equality, responsiveness, and lastly, value money. Most of Dechert’s clients include corporations, financial institutions, foreign states, and private high-net-worth individuals worldwide.