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IM Academy Continues To Thrive Despite The Pandemic

IM Academy is a digital and online interactive training content for evaluating, learning, and discussing broad and generic information on investments and goals.

IM Academy does not offer or assist access to internet platforms for stocks, cash, or other financial or investment products or services. In addition, International Markets Lives Inc., its independent business owners, and educators do not provide individualized investment advice or recommendations, nor do they offer any regulated financial services.

An overview of the company’s history

Under the direction of Isis De La Torre and Christopher Terry, IM Academy started operations in 2013. Its goal is to provide students with subscription-based learning possibilities. In addition, its founders wanted to give consumers interactive skills that they could use in their daily lives.

IM Academy has educated many people who are now thriving in their careers. There are around 225000 active users on the platform though the subscription continues to skyrocket especially during this pandemic.

Its services

The company has put money into academies, which are subscription-based learning modules. FRX, HFX, DCX, and ECX are among the services provided by the company. The academy offers discounts of up to 54 percent on the initial payment and 48 percent on subsequent payments when clients combine the four programs.

Subscribers have unrestricted access to each academy’s content via interactive online sessions. After the one-hour training session, the IM Academy teachers lead a question and answer session. The length of each session varies by location to ensure that every subscriber has an equal opportunity to engage in the training.

Clients can access prerecorded content through an online library. They can access the content whenever they want, as long as their subscription is ongoing. They can, however, download and access the content even if their subscription has expired. The IM Academy mobile app contains the content. Refer to this page to learn more.


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