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 JoggingBuddy Welcomes Michael Capiraso as Part of Their Team

Michael Capiraso, the former New York Road Runners’ CEO, is the newest JoggingBuddy shareholder. He also joins the board as an advisor. According to Mr. Capiraso, he decided to support JoggingBuddy immediately after he learned about it. He said that the project’s management encourages the community to get fit and healthy through running, jogging, and walking.

Michael is a popular leader known for delivering notable growth in the entertainment and sports industries. He held different roles at the NFL among other organizations before becoming NYRR’s CEO. As a runner and entrepreneur, Mr. Capiraso has contributed to the growth of the various teams he has headed through innovation and acquisition of the newest technology in the industry.

As NYRR’s president, Michael helped the organization raise almost double its revenue compared to the previous terms. It was during his period that the participants in various NYRR functions doubled. He collaborated with different corporations such as TCS to help the less fortunate community, open a center for runners, introduce, and establish the virtual racing strategy. He also built a new office and warehouse for NYRR, which the organization’s workers would use.

While doubling up as the president and board member of NYRR, Mr. Capiraso transformed the team to become among the best performers, introduced professionals to work for the organization and found avenues to get more revenue. He came up with strategies that helped reduce the company’s expenses. While heading NYRR, it became the best in marathon globally.

Michael introduced a vision for the firm, which concentrated on working with the athletes across New York. He participated in 28 marathons in New York City that saw him raise over 100,000 dollars to support the NYRR Kids team.

According to Tony Piedade,’s CEO, the company was happy to have Michael Capiraso on board because of his expertise and devotion to help people from different parts of the world stay fit and healthy.