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Krishen Iyer: Partner at Code Studies

Krishen Iyer is a contributor to almost every major software and web-based software product. His experience ranges from writing test cases for software to managing a team of software developers. He is also a partner at Code Studies, a software research, and design firm. You can find more of Krishen Iyer´s articles on Crunchbase here:


What is Crunchbase?

Crunchbase is a web-based timeline and directory of companies, products, and individuals. It is maintained and reported by Crunchbase Inc., a California-based company. Crunchbase enables people to keep track of and organize their business activities by activity. It allows users to create contacts, add upcoming events, and track the status of projects, CEO Krishen Iyer explains. There are many different types of Crunchbase you can choose from, including – Traditional CRB: This is the original CRB format


Get involved with Crunchbase.

To join them, follow any of the channels: Conferences of Independent Experts, Conferences of Expertise, meetups of software development teams, Code clubs of various organizations, Documentation of your software, Documentation of your team, and Documentation of suppliers, social media of your software, and your team.


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Summing up

Despite the market decline, the shares of the world’s oldest living companies are still up, and they are still offering rare insights into the world of healthcare. For Krishen Iyer, that is why investors must be up-to-date on the latest news in the healthcare industry. Investors can also gain insight into companies through interviews, surveys, and written pieces. These types of content are great for changing how you think about a company and its future. Readers can also submit comments and questions through the company’s website.