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Learning From Former American CEO And Chairman Of Match Group, Greg Blatt

Today, Greg Blatt, in his life of entrepreneurial spirit and true grit, is regularly quoted as a role model for millennials, entrepreneurs and business leaders on how to turn tough times into success. Greg shares the core values that he has been based upon throughout his career. Blatt values hard work, ambition, hard work, focus, and motivation. “What I try to do is keep my eyes fixed on the ball,” he says.

Being a jobless individual since he graduated from high school in 1998, Greg Blatt went on a search for the next step in his career. There was no clear decision as to which path, he should take, so he joined various “non-traditional” classes and training programs including a computer programming course and graphic design course, and was inspired to follow his dream of becoming a programmer and getting a job in technology.

Greg managed to get a job in software development, and gradually rose up to the ranks of manager. It was in 2006 when Blatt heard about a new online dating concept called Tinder, that was being developed by people that did not have any previous experience in that particular field, yet were quite determined to make a success of it. He interviewed and was offered the role of CEO.

Greg Blatt always had an interest in technology and computers. He began his career in computer programming. But, Blatt soon gave it up after he realized it wasn’t for him. He saw himself in an entirely different way than the people around him before starting a marketing consultancy company in 1983.

Greg Blatt, in the most admirable way, is able to convey to his audience how he got where he is today and how he has used this to motivate others. For instance, Blatt’s relationship with his parents and family was, for instance, hard to mend, partly because of the company he was involved in. See this article for additional information


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