Matthew Fleeger Gulf Coast Western taking the Oil Industry back to its glory days

Matthew FleegerMatthew Fleeger Gulf Coast Western is an entrepreneurial wizard who uses his expertise in the oil industry to create revolutionary solutions for the problems facing the industry. As companies in the oil industry realize that to survive, they have to change how they are accustomed to doing business.

And that is where Matthew Fleeger Gulf Coast Western and his newest venture, Gulf Coast Western, a managing venture for Oil and Gas Partnerships. The company seeks to acquire and develop oil and gas reserves located in the gulf coast regions mainly.

It also seeks to purchase properties that have great geographical value and have well-developed buildings. And similarly, partner with enterprises that have great potential and small downside risk to ensure that its partners make a sizeable profit in the end.

Successful Partnerships

For instance, its recent partnerships with Orbit Gulf Coast Exploration and Orbit Energy Partners have solidified its footprint in the Southwestern Louisiana region.

For starters, Orbit Energy Partners, one of its partners, has acquired hundreds of square miles combined with property rights. It also brings 13 oil-producing wells and 140 drilling locations, and a vast oil reserve of about 30 million barrels.

Furthermore, the deal comes with an agreement with Warhorse Oil and gas, which is to be in charge of development wells and the operators currently working at the producing wells in Louisiana.

However, the most lucrative part of the deal is that Gulf Coast Western will access the 3D seismic data. That is to be used for the Bonanza Project in Evangeline and St. Landry Parishes that account for about 42 square miles of land bordering the Orbit Development area.

Gulf Coast Western has also entered into a partnership with Northcote Energy Ltd. A move that will ensure that it grows and expands its operations in Shoats Creek Field, located in Louisiana Beauregard Parish, generates up to 4 million barrels of oil.

Matthew Fleeger

With these strategic partnerships, both Matther Fleeger Gulf Coast Western and his team over at Gulf Coast Western are set to change the landscape in the oil industry.