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Ombori Provides Futuristic Interactive Customer Experience

Interactive retail experiences are no longer a futuristic idea. They are available in stores today and are making a significant transformation in the interactions between consumers and brands. Andreas Hassellof is at the center of these changes as the CEO and founder of Ombori. Andreas is the mind behind the talking mirror and several other purchase point interactive technologies. He says that the goal is to go beyond the sometimes inefficient retail store technology and make his creations beneficial to customers and store owners.

Hassellof adds that physical space usually has many people, focusing on triggering a relationship. Ombori uses a simple formula based on surprise, satisfying experience, and conversion. Andreas says that big screens are an excellent catalyst for grabbing attention and forming relationships. However, the personal dialogue is far more likely to cause better connections on personal devices.

The Ombori Grid uses these innovations in the retail stores to encourage a seamless display and experience on mobiles to the public. Besides providing an interactive retail component to its consumers, it also enhances relationships between brands and customers. On the other side, the Ombori customer management system uses the company’s technology to make the operation processes more streamlined and make staffing efficient.

Ombori and its retail partners are transforming the connection between customers and their favorite stores. The talking mirror is one such change that sits in a sleeping mode until a regular shopper comes along or someone looks at it for a considerable period. It then wakes up and asks the customer if they want a selfie. The mirror counts down as the patron gets ready and takes a photo with a “magazine cover” framing. The customer and download the picture later using a unique QR code. It also has an innovative interactive window display to learn about the store and its inventory by” talking” with the screen. You can even make purchases via interacting with the screen.