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PosiGen Efficiency in Producing Solar Energy

PosiGen is an energy company located in Louisiana. They develop solar-powered homes for low-income families. PosiGen was founded by David Cohen in New Orleans, Louisiana, after the devastation caused by Hurricane Katrina. The first project started on August 24th, 2006, and was a 400KW installation of residential solar systems over three months. PosiGen currently has projects that are completed or underway all around the Gulf Coast region, including Mississippi, Florida, Texas, and Louisiana. PosiGen’s success has only been possible through their relationship with federal, local governments and other organizations, including but not limited to Entergy, Fannie Mae, and Iberdrola.


PosiGen has been recognized for its success by being named the Renewable Energy Leader award winner at the Gulf Coast Energy Summit. They have also been featured on The Huffington Post, Google’s Green Blog, and Earth Teaching. One of Posigen’s main focuses is to help those badly affected by climate change, which is ironic because, according to David Cohen, founder of PosiGen, “it’ll take a hundred years before solar energy goes mainstream.” 


He believes that it will not happen within his lifetime but rather within his kids’ lifetime. He says this because he feels like there are no easy answers to why people should invest in solar-powered systems so they can continue using traditional power lines. He believes that solar-powered systems will become less and less expensive within those hundred years, and eventually, people will switch to solar power. PosiGen is also looking to expand its use of wind energy and hydrogen production and storage for future projects. They believe these options will be important in the future because they are both environmentally friendly and abundant, making our reliance on foreign energy go down even more.

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