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Professional Exploits of Greg Blatt

Greg Blatt is an executive business leader, corporate lawyer, entertainment lawyer, and language expert. Despite building his leadership experience in the entertainment industry, Greg initially enrolled for an English undergraduate degree. Instead of practicing his English skills, Greg grasped the opportunity of visiting different countries, working in different jobs, like painting. During that cycle in his life, he applied to pursue law at Columbia Law School, expanding his mind to critical thinking and opening it to the various perceptions of life.

After graduating from Colgate University, Greg Blatt got his first job as a lawyer in New York, gaining critical insights. Eventually, Greg started working as a general counsel for Martha Stewart, which opened him to more opportunities for a similar position when IAC employed him to work as the company’s general counsel. Working at IAC was a privilege due to its massive size, broadening his problem-solving abilities. Greg’s CEO at IAC discovered his abilities and appointed him as CEO, a position he excelled by improving its performance that had been deteriorating.

Greg Blatt gives critical advice to leaders, using his wealth of experience as a junior staff and as a leader as a benchmark on what successful leadership entails. For instance, he encourages the need for flexibility, which allows leaders to leverage the skills of other employees, making it easier to achieve common team objectives. Besides, Greg cautions leaders to remain steadfast in their acts by not allowing people the freedom to make decisions and take actions that they cannot justify by explaining the rationale behind them.

Greg Blatt is a business executive based in America. He has worked in various companies in different positions, accumulating vast experience to guide other leaders. For instance, Greg has been the CEO and chairman of the Match Group and IAC. Initially, he started as a general counsel at IAC, which he also held for Martha Stewart.

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