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Simon Denyer on Tokyo Olympics

Simon Denyer serves as the Washington Post’s bureau chief who recently represented the famous newsroom in Tokyo Olympics. He has previously worked with Washington Post as bureau chief in major countries in Asia, such as China and India. Recently he covered an article concerning the Tokyo Olympics where he felt many Japanese were not happy with the government.

Just a day after the Tokyo Olympics came to an end, many Japanese found themselves on the internet searching for a picture of a man believed to be Thomas Bach. He serves as the International Olympic Committee’s president walk along Ginza, one of Tokyo’s most popular shopping districts.

Simon Denyer states that many Japanese views the IOC president as a cover-up who assisted in pushing Japan to hold the Tokyo Olympics despite the severe effects the Covid-19 had. Many Japanese were ranting that the Olympics were like a costly hangover from a party Japan was not invited to.

For a country to host an Olympic, they usually invest a lot of money in the preparation. Still, the money is repaid through toll collections revenue collected from hotel accommodation and through the million tourists who camp at the host country to watch the Olympics. However, this year was different to Japan as Tokyo Olympics was one of the most expensive Olympics ever. Still, it also happened on empty stadia, and little domestic revenue was collected.

Simon Denyer understands from the economists that Tokyo Olympics cost a staggering $15.4 billion, which was to be significantly catered by the Japanese themselves. Additionally, figures released from the Japanese government show that the actual figure is $25 billion.

Economist experts say that these games would eventually pile pressure on Tokyo and the Japanese government, which are both struggling with debts, and the situation has been made worse by the effects of the pandemic.

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