CEO, Founder

SMARTFIT CEO, Edgard Corona

Edgard Corona has built a reputation as one of the leading personalities in the fitness industry. Aside from his role at SMARTFIT, Edgar is also at the helm of the Bio Ritmo and Smartfit Group. An organization that runs 480 gyms across the country. Edgar ventured into the fitness industry back in 1996, setting up his first unit in Santo Amaro.

At the time, Corona had limited information on the business. However, this did not stop him from founding a multimillion Bio Ritmo Chain. Since founding the company, Edgard Corona has continued to play an administrative role as the CEO of the company and even becoming the main name behind the group.

Prior to joining the fitness industry, Edgar worked as a chemical engineer in their family-owned sugar mills. Edgard Corona has, over time, grown the company and established a presence in countries such as Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Peru, and Colombia. Smartfit is currently working on consolidating the Latin American market and grow its current 1.6million students.

The introduction of technology in the fitness industry has redefined how people view fitness routines forcing the market to adopt new trends. Adapting to the changes witnessed in the industry has made 61-year old Edgar Corona the head of one of the largest fitness groups in the world.

Edgard Corona, the CEO of Smartfit, has always been an entrepreneur at heart, starting a materials analysis laboratory and a confection when still in college. He later sold these two businesses to work at his family’s sugar mill. It’s during this time that he joined a gym under construction as a partner. A closer look revealed that this was a good investment, leading to the establishment of the first Bio Ritmo academy.

The journey to success was not easy, as Edgar and his partners had suffered numerous losses make several mistakes before getting their breakthrough 12 years later. Edgard Corona’s: Facebook Page.