Aviation, Green Hydrogen

The Need for Green Hydrogen and ZeroAvia

As wind and solar options have become more of standard practice in delivering energy, some energy-heavy industries are unable to make the transition. Steel manufacturing, aviation, and powering cars and ships require high levels of energy that solar and wind just cannot support (Techcrunch). 


The continued reliance on fossil fuels for these industries could be detrimental to the planet given the high percentage of emissions, with which these industries alone are responsible. However, green hydrogen has recently been touted as a replacement for the role fossil fuels play in energy production, specifically for these industries. ZeroAvia is aiming to make this a widely available option. Green hydrogen does not emit carbon dioxide; it emits only water vapor and still produces enough energy to power airplanes. 


The promise of green hydrogen is that it may be possible for zero emission air flights, and ZeroAvia wants to help to make that a possibility. Green hydrogen is the wave of the future as countries are already promising to use the technology in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. However, there is still more to do in developing this ground-breaking energy production source, and ZeroAvia aviation company is on the cutting edge of that learning and development to fulfill as soon as possible the save the earth mission.