Robert Lee Jack Bull, RoyaleLife

The Present and Future of RoyaleLife: Robert Bull’s Vision for the Company

The simplicity of small home living is appealing to many. Simplicity and efficiency – two things people want in life. But there is a world of difference between simple and simple you and that is where RoyaleLife comes in. Robert Bull, the firm’s CEO has led his company through a time of economic turbulence and economic uncertainty in an effort to help people create a new way of life.

As CEO, Robert Bull has guided the firm through its meteoric rise in the $19 trillion U.S. real estate market, acquiring one of the largest assets in North America, 1.2 million square feet, within the last year. Bull has an extensive background in project management, construction and a proven track record in real estate development. RoyaleLife is a unique proposition to solve major problems in housing with the simple solution to lease property to investors instead of people.

Robert Bull’s firm is changing the way properties in the UK work, providing new economic development opportunities for those who want to become homeowners. “People live their lives around the things that they love. This can be as simple as enjoying time with family and friends, exploring the outdoors, volunteering in their communities and enjoying hobbies or passions like fitness or cooking,” noted Robert Bull. “Where we differ is that while there is an entire website dedicated to designing homes, it’s a luxury to have a network of people that you can turn to, and know, that can give you more suggestions than you could ever hope to build yourself. We’re working with a community of like-minded people that shares the same passion and commitment to living a better life.”

With the summer season now upon us, Robert Bull is no doubt anticipating an increase in home building activity. As CEO of RoyaleLife, he is leading the project management of its multi-million dollar residential and commercial construction projects in Eastern Europe. In that time, Robert has learned a great deal about the psychology of development and trends. He points out that, “The big story in residential building is actually the resurgence of the single bungalow houses.”