Business Leader, Medical Innovation

Tim Murawski at Augmedics Medical Research Firm

Tim Murawski is the kind of man who knows how to remain positive in any situation. A chemistry major out of Ithaca College, Tim has brought his love for science to the medical device world. As President and Chief Commercial Officer at Augmedics, he brings a unique perspective with his background in chemistry, healthcare education, entrepreneurship, and finance. Before he became President and Chief Commercial Officer at Augmedics, Tim spent several years in the healthcare education industry working with medical manufacturers to develop innovative products. 


Prior to his work in the healthcare education space, his MBA allowed him to combine business skills with his passion for chemistry to launch a series of successful chemical rental businesses. Augmedics is a multinational company that develops and manufactures medical devices to improve surgical outcomes for patients. Led by Tim Murawski, in 2015, Augmedics won the prestigious MedTech innovation award for its intelligent surgical camera. Intelligent cameras help surgeons perform life saving surgeries by improving accuracy and reducing errors in diagnosis. 


The creation of this technology was much-needed in the industry and continues to be a major success for Augmedics. Over the years, Tim has used his PhD-level chemistry knowledge to help Augmedics create groundbreaking products for doctors in clinical settings (Everybodywiki). 

Since 1999, when he joined the company, Tim Murawski has provided steady leadership in both medical device development and finance. The healthcare expert is dedicated to helping people across the world get access to safe, effective medical devices. A leader in both the MedTech industry and his community, Tim Murawski deserves recognition for all of his hard work developing innovative products that save lives.