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Vik Bansal: A Legacy in Waste Management

A little over a half-decade ago, the biggest garbage disposal business down under was in hot water with its shareholders and fighting to get out of the whopping amount of debt that it had accumulated throughout a few years of hard times. Cleanaway was in deep need of better leaders, a strong plan, and had no preparation for the changes that were happening all around them in the world of waste management. Currently the company has climbed up the ladder on the Australian market index and has moved more than 120 spots. It has grown its market base from pennies to billions. Monetary measurements are at all time highs and planned purchases of other companies have placed the company as one of the top in the sector, leading the way for all other businesses in the field.

The proponent of all this major change was none other than Vik Bansal, who at the time of the changes was CEO. He has recently decided to change roles and use his skills elsewhere effective a few months ago. Financial institutions have given Bansal much of the credit, as he was the one who had the vision to see how the world could do better at managing its waste. He laid a foundational concept in waste management, changing it from a burden to an opportunity. He chose Cleanaway to be the vehicle to bring about this change because of the research that he had done. He saw that the company had a good heart and was run by solid individuals.

Vik Bansal joined the company as the CEo in 2015. With over two decades of skills and talent in the field in various roles all worldwide, Bansal was just the right candidate to carry out this great change and leave a lasting legacy.

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