Wes Edens: Financial Services Expert Turns Sports Mogul

Wes Edens is the owner of the Milwaukee Bucks and a financial services expert. He has made it his life’s work to help people overcome adversity. Wes was born in California, where he attended San Diego State University on an athletic scholarship for basketball. After graduation, he became a professional player with the Boston Celtics. However, Wes soon found out that playing sports wasn’t what he wanted to do with his life–he wanted to be an entrepreneur! So after playing one season for the Celtics, Wes went back home to launch Fortress Investments Group LLC. 


The company manages assets worth more than $2 billion dollars and has helped over 1 million families achieve their dreams of owning homes or starting businesses without taking on any debt or mortgages. Wes Edens isn’t just a brilliant businessman, but he is also an avid sports fan. In 2014, he bought the Milwaukee Bucks for more than 500 million dollars and has transformed the formerly struggling franchise into a winner that will be a contender in the NBA finals this year!


Wes’ wealth doesn’t come from life-long earnings but through smart investments. He has made his fortune by investing in companies around the world, including mobile payment firm Braintree and retail company Zalando SE, which is one of Europe’s largest online marketplaces.


Forbes Magazine calls Wes Edens “the most generous billionaire in America.” He has donated millions to charities that offer college scholarships for low-income families, offer after-school programs for children, and more. Wes says his success is due to his hard work and nothing else. “If you want to accomplish something in life, don’t listen to the critics–just get started!”


Wes Edens’ company Fortress Investments Group LLC also invests in sports. In 2014, they bought a big stake in the NBA’s New Orleans Pelicans. A year later they bought stakes in the Milwaukee Bucks and English soccer club Aston Villa.