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What Tom S Chang MD Believes are the Causes and Prevention of Eye Problems

Many people experience soreness, tiredness, and irritability in the eyes at some point in their lives. Eye doctors refer to such symptoms as eye strain. Although several individuals experience these symptoms, they usually reduce after changing some habits and resting. However, most people experience eye strain when they concentrate on something for long periods. Dr. Tom S Chang MD believes that the following are the causes and prevention of eye problems:


What Causes Various Eye Problems?

Using digital devices has emerged as one of the significant causes of eye problems. Nowadays, it has escalated because more individuals use digital appliances due to advancements in technology worldwide and healthcare providers such as Tom S Chang MD are aware of the new conditions in the overall  population. The ophthalmologist believes that when people concentrate on bright lights for a long time, this may become one of the causes of eye healthcare problems. For example, Tom S Chang MD explains, if you focus on reading, writing, driving, and such activities, your eyes may develop some issues. You should avoid concentrating on one activity for a lengthy period to prevent straining of eyes, which may bring other problems to your body, such as feeling overly tired. The other thing that causes eye strains, according to Dr. Chang, is looking at devices that have too much light. You may also get eye strains if you work from a room that does not have enough light.


How to Prevent Eye Issues

According to Tom S Chang MD, the best remedy for having healthy eyes is avoiding as much as we can anything that can cause eye strains. Unfortunately, many patients who experience eye problems fail to observe the environment they expose their eyes to. It’s advisable to use proper sunglasses when working in a setting that has too much light. In addition, such people should lubricate their eyes when focusing on bright screens using eye drops. Eye drops prevent the eyes from drying up, which is the most significant cause of irritability.