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Who Is Abdulla Al Humaidi? Everything You Must Know

Abdulla Al Humaidi is an entrepreneur with a track record behind his back. He is the face behind Kuwaiti International Holding, headquartered in Hong Kong, holding the CEO and executive chairman position. He is a graduate of the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, which taught him how to take life’s challenges. As a serial entrepreneur, Abdulla Al Humaidi knows the importance of building solid relationships and identifying opportunities where many people can benefit. 


Over the last few years, Kuwaiti European Holding company has registered significant growth opening several branches in various parts of the world like in Hong Kong, Cairo, London and Dublin. The KEH company invests in a wide portfolio of businesses, including in the health sector, finance, real estate and leisure. One of the most notable projects under the care of Kuwaiti International Holdings led by Abdulla Al Humaidi is Armilla Capital Limited, with its headquarters in London. The company offers advisory services to its clients in areas related to corporate finance and real estate investment.

Led by Abdulla Al Humaidi,the company is also overseeing the construction of the London Paramount Resort that is estimated to cost more than 3 billion Euros. Upon completion, the luxurious resort will provide guests with world-class leisure activities and fun. The resort will also include a modern-day studio, a waterfront, and more than 30,000 jobs for the local community. Other notable projects by Kuwaiti International Holdings led by Abdulla Al Humaidi include Ebbsfleet United Football Club, Aqueous Resort in Egypt, Quantum Real Estate in Hong Kong and Landmarque properties in Ireland. All these achievements have been made possible by the able leadership of the company’s CEO Dr Abdulla Al Humaidi.