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Who’s Greg Blatt And What You Learn From Him?

In a Business Matter’s article entitled, “Profile: Greg Blatt: Modern CEO, Leader, & Professional Thinker”, Blatt shared how he recognized the innate importance of remaining driven by his professional assignments, and has actively sought positions that would be rewarding on a professional, and personal level.

Blatt has spent the past decade leading major companies in the tech industry and has been successful in his endeavors. In 2016, he was named CEO of IAC/Interactive Corp. and immediately went to work on revamping Tinder’s strategy. He was able to turn around a company seemingly on its way out, and even more impressively, had it become an IPO within a year. Through this experience, Blatt developed a philosophy for his career that he believes applies to all CEO.

He recently contributed heavily to The New York Times’ Super Bowl article on women in technology and diversity in Silicon Valley, which included interviews with him and other leaders like Sheryl Sandberg of Facebook. In addition to being a successful CEO of IAC/Interactive Corp., Greg Blatt has also been an early adopter and leader in social media. He was the first CEO to use Twitter as a corporate tool and his frequent tweeting.

Blatt’s feed is filled with inspirational quotes, advice, and motivational messages to help people succeed in life, business, and more. His tweets are known for being extraordinarily timely and relevant to his audience.

One of Blatt’s most popular tweets was posted on April 14th of 2017, after the 2017 NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament first round. In it, he stated that he would not be watching any games from then on out because none of them “matter.” He included this tweet as a joke to lighten up the mood after a rough NCAA Tournament Day. Several teams were eliminated early by upsets or by teams with much better resumes than themselves.

According to Blatt, he has been using Twitter as a tool to communicate with his followers and fans since 2008. He also used Twitter to learn more about the people who were following him, which led him to discover many people who would become close friends of his. Greg Blatt has been very responsive on Twitter and is often seen retweeting other people’s tweets.

Blatt’s use of Twitter has made him well known among his followers. For example, in 2015, Blatt was nominated for the “Twitter Person of the Year” by “People Magazine.” Blatt’s first book, “The Little Book That Builds Wealth,” was released in April 2011 by Portfolio/Penguin Press. The book details how he built IAC from a 300-million-dollar company into one with $3 billion in revenues. Click here to learn more.


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